Corporate Services

The wealth of your business is directly related to the health of your employees

Over 30.7 milion working days are lost every day a a result of work related ill health. As part of your corporate stress management programme, you can offer your clients a range of therapies, including massage for those with back, neck and shoulder problems, mindfulness and meditation for anxiety and depression or health seminars to improve general health and mindset.

We can offer a selection of the treatments available in our therapies page. In addition to these we can offer on-site acupressure chair massage, mindfulness, meditation and hand & arm massage at your:

We can also provide sessions on stress management, business coaching, NLP coaching & lifestyle improvement. These sessions can be tailored for your specific needs and delivered to groups.

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The benefits of massage and holistic stress management programmes in the work environment:

Many employers have found that the introduction of a stress management programme for their employees has reduced the number of absenses due to musculo-skeletal problems or stress related conditions. For some, staff wellbeing days form an important part of their work pattern and may include holistic stress management courses for their employees, whilst others provide regular massages to reduce muscular tension and the risk of RSI.

Absentee Stats

30.7 million Working days lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2017/18 (Source: LFS self-reported estimates)