Eastern Facial Massage

Prerequisites: Anatomy & Physiology, Massage / Reflexology / Aromatherapy (for practitioner insurance)

Non-practitioners who wish to learn this therapy for use on friends and family only may attend.

Eastern Facial Massage is a special blend of complementary techniques drawn from Anma, the traditional system of massage in Japan and Ayurveda, the Indian healing method. It incorporates a deeply relaxing neck, scalp and facial massage, also working your facial meridians and acupressure points (tsubos) which can affect the balance of health in your whole body, as well as the specific flow of energy in your face. The sequence of techniques can not only act as a natural facelift but can also release stress and traumas locked into the muscles of the face and neck. The face can often act as a mask, hiding who we are and consuming much energy to maintain a front. Letting go of this front can result in profound relaxation, tranquillity and inner ease.

It has been said that Eastern Facial Massage can also help:

  • Calm and sooth your nervous system, relieving symptoms such as headache, insomnia and eye strain
  • Reduce tension in the head, neck and shoulders, as well as reducing head pain and sleep troubles
  • Reduce wrinkles and expression lines
  • Improve the suppleness of your skin, tightening and toning the skin and underlying muscle
  • Stimulate cellular activity and rejuvenation
  • Benefit your whole body by balancing your internal organs and bodily functions
  • Aid removal of dead skin cells, improving grey, saggy or puffy skin
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Amplify the body's healing ability
  • Aid your lymphatic system in eliminating toxins from your face and body

By the end of the course you will:

  • Provide a professional Eastern Facial Massage treatment to a client
  • Understand contraindications facial massage
  • Understand the history of Eastern Facial Massage, the doshas, marma points and their links to Ayeurvedic medicine
  • Provide appropriate aftercare advice

Eastern Facial Massage Course

  • Length: 1 day
  • Time: 9:30am – 4pm
  • Cost: £150
  • Venue: Kings Heath / Kings Norton, Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Course Dates 2023 - 4:
    • Friday 26th January
    • Friday 26th April
    • Friday 19th July
    • Friday 18th October
  • Missed the date? Call to enquire about additional dates and 1-1 training
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