Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

New to the United Kingdom, EFT was developed by Gary Craig in the United States from Dr Roger Callahan's "Thought Field Therapy" and it has its roots in Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture. Like acupuncture and acupressure, EFT works by impacting directly upon the body's energy flow.

EFT has provided thousands with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture, but without the invasiveness of needles Tapping or holding a sequence of acupuncture points while tuning into a problem causes blocks and distress to melt away rapidly and gently, like snow in the sunshine. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere. It launches off the EFT Discovery Statement which says...

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

And because our physical pains and diseases are so obviously connected with our emotions the following statement has also proven to be true...

"Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases."


"EFT often works where nothing else will."

Why would I choose EFT?

EFT has the unique ability to bring rapid and permanent relief from many problems including:

How many treatments will I need?

Where possible, I advise clients to opt for a 2 hour session in the first instance, this will enable us to work to clear a huge chunk of emotional baggage right from the start. For many, one session such as this is all that is needed. For others, where the problem is more deep-seated, a number of sessions may be required. Once we have identified the root causes of the issue, these issues can be tapped away painlessly. Forever!

EFT is a highly versatile tool for personal growth and confidence building. After your treatment, you will know enough EFT to administer it for yourself.

Try it on anything, the benefits are boundless!

"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools .... as it is for me."

- Eric Robins, MD

Therapy per Session
EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique (1 hour) £60.00
EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique (2 hour) £90.00