NO HANDS® Massage

NO HANDS Massage is a dynamic new form of Massage. It was conceived and developed by UK Massage therapist Gerry Pyves after a traumatic Massage injury to both his wrists.

Structural imbalances can be put right without your even noticing. Areas that you didn't even know were tense can become loose again. As your body changes, so do your thoughts, your emotions and your whole connection with yourself. In this respect, Massage is probably the most total therapy available. NO HANDS Massage takes this powerful and ancient therapy to a whole new level

The NO HANDS Back Massage

This is one of the most powerful ways to release all the tension from your spine, hips and neck. The unique approach of NO HANDS means that so much more release can be achieved than through conventional Massage treatments and all of it pain-free!

The NO HANDS Foot Massage

This treatment is sheer bliss. The foot reflects your whole body and after this amazingly deep foot Massage you will leave feeling your whole body transformed.

The NO HANDS Head Massage

This treatment is actually a Massage of your whole head, neck, face and shoulders! It can help you to totally release tension throughout your whole being and leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated...

The NO HANDS Full Body Massage

This is all of the above treatments combined into one powerfully flowing Massage treatment. It is an unbelievable experience! If you wish to have the full NO HANDS experience then this is the best way to do it.

The NO HANDS Colon Massage

This is a gentle abdominal massage which allows the muscles of this, your body's most important organ of elimination, to regain its health naturally.

The NO HANDS Reflex Massage

In this treatment, all the reflexes of your feet are worked WITHOUT PAIN. Stimulating the reflexes of your feet is as ancient as touch itself and affects your whole body.

The NO HANDS Chair Massage

You remain fully clothed in a specially designed Massage chair and get all the benefits of a full Massage. Highly invigorating, this treatment is perfectly suited to shows and the office environment, revitalising the spirit and melting away the tension of any employee.

Words and pictures cannot do justice to the power of these treatments - you can only truly understand them by experiencing them.

Therapy per Session 1.5 hours 2 hours
NO HANDS Massage £50 £70 £85