Sports & Remedial Massage

Why would I need a Sports Massage treatment?

Anyone can benefit from a treatment, whether you're in training, suffering from stress (be it work, personal or situational) or if you are recovering from injury. Injuries occur for many reasons, sometimes it is simply a case of poor posture or working environment, however trauma or poor techniques whilst training can also contribute. These factors may cause problems such as aches and pains, reduced range of movement, muscle spasms or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), all of which respond well to remedial massage.

So what is Sports Massage?

Sports & remedial massage uses a range of techniques borrowed from other therapies - this makes it an incredible powerful treatment in relieving pain and joint restriction

These techniques are designed to treat both deep and superficial tissues and are not dissimilar to those used in sports massage. A range of in-depth massage techniques and stretches are used in combination to bring about pain relief by correcting and normalising the body's muscles and soft tissues.

Benefits of Sports & Remedial Massage

What will happen during my treatment?

Each session will last an hour (Please allow more time for the initial consultation)
Oils are typically used to massage the affected areas and a range of passive stretching techniques may be used. You may be given exercises to carry out post-treatment in order to optimise the benefits and prolong the gains.

Therapy per Session
Sports & Remedial Massage £40.00